Webinar Agenda

An enterprise deploying an IoT solution has to solve for many challenges from both the operational and IT perspectives. These challenges are amplified by the risks associated with an IoT solution; decisions of “build vs. buy” and the high level of fragmentation in the industry (i.e. the ability to support a solution over a long period of time) are core considerations that cannot be ignored.

Moreover, Frost & Sullivan believes that, upward and downward integration capabilities, the flexibility of the IoT platform, and the strength of the partner’s ecosystem should be critical criteria to evaluate in the vendor selection process. Making these decisions early can help an enterprise generate a positive return on investment (ROI) at a faster pace.

Frost & Sullivan's Global Research Director for IoT, Dilip Sarangan, will discuss the importance of digitizing an organization’s entire supply chain and the importance of the IoT platform in this process from a vendor and enterprise end user perspective.

Fresh Points of View
AT&T Director of Product Marketing, Eric Thomas and  AT&T Principal Network Support, Dwayne Moore discuss the importance of an IoT platform in digitizing an enterprise’s supply chain.

Join the webinar to gain a 360 degree perspective on:
  • Reinventing the supply chain with IoT Asset Management
  • Importance of choosing a platform that enables upward and downward integration
  • Key considerations for an enterprise when deploying an IoT solution
  • The significance of integrating an IoT solution with existing enterprise applications
Listen in on the experiences of others, participate in a live Q&A, and walk away with actionable strategies for your own organization.

Featured Panel:

Dilip Sarangan
Global Research Director, Internet of Things (IoT) & Digital Transformation
Frost & Sullivan
Eric Thomas
Director of Product Marketing
AT&T Business Internet of Things
Dwayne Moore
Principal Network Support
AT&T Mobility

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