Technology convergences are driving a creative destruction and expansion of traditional business models. As cost of sensing, computing, cloud storage drops and algorithms become democratized, traditional challenges can be solved in innovative ways.

One of the significant inefficiencies in manufacturing is the cost of procurement and supply. The sheer lack of visibility across the supply stream has led to the industry adopting several piece meal solutions that are often patch worked. This results in layers of inefficiencies and high costs of management.  70% of companies experienced at least one supply chain disruption in the last year resulting in lost productivity, increased costs and customer complaints. The problem will get worse as supply chains become more complex and information sharing is delayed across the ecosystem

The emergence of new technologies, and more importantly the convergences between them, like AI, blockchain, intelligent sensors, edge computing has the potential to disrupt, collapse, transform and streamline traditional supply-chain operations. This webinar will have supply chain experts from Frost & Sullivan and IBM talk about the strategic imperative to change, how to change, where to change and why to transform?

Join Supply Chain experts to learn:
  • Successes and failures of manufacturers to-date
  • Tips for selecting the best use case for your business
  • Industry best-practices for applying AI and blockchain
Listen in on the experiences of others and walk away with actionable strategies for your own organization.

Featured industry Speakers:
Muthuraman “Ram” Ramasamy
Industry Director
Frost & Sullivan
Sheri Hinish
Executive Advisor and Change Leader
Frank Crnic
North America Business Unit Executive
IBM Watson Supply Chain
Alex Zhong
Worldwide Portfolio Marketing Leader
IBM Watson Supply Chain

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