Understanding Photonics: Automotive Lidar Components and Systems

Originally aired on December 5, 2018 and now available for on demand viewing!

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Lidar can play a vital role in the suite of sensors that keep autonomous cars aware of the changing environment around them. The strength of lidar is that by scanning the local environment, laser pulses can build up a three-dimensional point cloud that measures the distance to objects near the car and can be merged with data from other sensors on the car: ultrasonic sensors to nearby objects, microwave radar to measure velocity and position, and cameras to watch for other cars and other objects. However, the big challenge with lidar systems has been their cost, often more than that of a conventional car. Developers of new lidars are now aiming to cut lidar costs and improve their performance so they can observe more distant objects. This webcast will review automotive lidar needs and describe the new technology emerging to meet those requirements.

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Jeff Hecht
Contributing Editor
Laser Focus World

Jeff Hecht is a regular contributing editor to Laser Focus World and has been covering the laser industry for 35 years. A prolific book author, Hecht's published works include “Understanding Fiber Optics,” “Understanding Lasers,” “The Laser Guidebook,” and “Beam Weapons: The Next Arms Race.” He also has written books on the histories of lasers and fiber optics, including “City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics,” and “Beam: The Race to Make the Laser.”

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