The Beauty Brand Journey on Instagram: How Fresh Does Visual Storytelling

Tue, Oct 30, 2018 1:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}


Instagram has become a crucial channel for beauty brands telling rich visual stories. That’s the approach that skin care brand Fresh has taken, providing an immersive, sensorial experience for its audience on Instagram. While it uses the channel to engage its fans in a friendly, smart, witty and informed way, Fresh marries data and creative to nail its content strategy, connect with consumers, and ultimately generate ROI. 

Join Jenny Pratt, director of customer success at Dash Hudson, and Taylor Branson, leader of global social media at Fresh, to find out more best practices for Instagram. You’ll learn:

  • Why the beauty industry has turned to Instagram as a critical channel
  • How to create and share better photos and videos
  • How brands can adopt a data-driven strategy on Instagram

Taylor Branson
Global Social Media

At Fresh, Taylor oversees the development of social media content production, global strategy and drives community management for the brand's 13 markets. Before her time at Fresh, she wrote for

Jenny Pratt
Director of
Customer Success        
Dash Hudson

Jenny has a mixed background in science and business, so she’s a big fan of analytics. She's been at Dash Hudson for just over 3 years and working with some of the largest brands in the world.

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