Service-Enable Older Applications for Today’s Programmers

Service-Enable Older Applications for Today’s Programmers

Content by Rocket Software

Create APIs to unlock the value of enterprise applications

Today’s developers know how to program using Python, Node.js, and Go, not COBOL, RPG 

and PL/1. But, the web and mobile applications they’re creating often need to access 
functionality written in these older languages.

In this session, Hansa Iyengar, a Senior Analyst for Ovum Research, will discuss how today’s 
developers can overcome the gap between their core competencies and the skills needed to 
create intuitive web and mobile applications that work with older code. Hansa will be joined by 
Robert Young, Director - Sales Engineering with Rocket Software.

Featured Speakers:

Hansa Iyengar
Senior Analyst
Ovum Research

Robert Young
Director, Sales Engineering
Rocket Software  

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