Enhancing Flu-ency for Your 65+ Patients


Year after year, influenza exacts a terrible toll on adults over 65. Influenza not only increases the risk of serious outcomes that can lead to a spiral of dependency, but adults over 65 represent the most vulnerable of all age groups despite their relatively high rates of vaccination. Age-related declines in immune responses (immunosenescence) render seniors more vulnerable to infections, and less responsive to standard influenza vaccines. Canada’s National Advisory Committee for Immunization (NACI) now recommends that the high-dose should be offered to individuals over the standard-dose vaccine for adults over 65. This webinar will provide highlights from the new NACI recommendations and provide an overview of the evidence supporting the use of seasonal influenza vaccines for adults 65 years and older.

Join Dr. Brian Aw, pharmacist Umberto Leone and Dr. David Colby in this interactive session to:
  • Explore the overlooked burden of influenza that extends beyond the lung, and why influenza can be considered a cardiorespiratory disease among older adults.
  • Examine the clinical evidence for immunization against influenza among adults 65 and older, including a review of new recommendations from the updated 2018-2019 National Advisory Committee on Immunization.
  • Provide an overview of publicly funded influenza immunization programs for older adults and provide an update on the availability of the high-dose influenza vaccine in your province.
Register now to learn more about how you can help reduce influenza’s potentially devastating hold on your patients aged 65 and older.

Brian Aw

Umberto Leone

R.Ph., B.Sc.Pharm
Moderator: David Colby


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