IT/OT Essentials for Control System Projects with Cloud & Edge Computing

Wed, Jul 18, 2018 2:00 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

IT/OT Essentials for Control System Projects with Cloud & Edge Computing

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Success with IIoT and control projects relies on engineers who can bridge the IT/OT divide and understand the critical requirements within the plant environment

The right platform infrastructure for control applications that supports IIoT initiatives should be easy to use, easy to maintain and eliminate unplanned downtime. However, as applications become more complex and automation and enterprise networks become interconnected, the requirements of IT networks often become imposed on the operational technology world. This frequently creates unforeseen problems for automation engineers and system integrators. This webcast will help create IT and OT alignment for industrial computers, reduce risk, and create stronger project specifications.

Discover what options are available to satisfy IT, while delivering platforms simple to use and maintain by OT, in the control room and at the edge, where support can be a major challenge. As real-time control and analytics applications migrate towards the edge, often in preparation for, or as part of, a digitalization initiative, being able to provide a differentiated solution with best practices to meet OT needs can give system integrators an advantage.

Webcast participants will learn how to:
  • Better gain IT and OT alignment on industrial computers for projects
  • Reduce risk and create more effective industrial computer specifications for projects
John Fryer
Senior Director Industry Solutions
Stratus Technologies
Mark Hoske
Content Manager & Moderator
CFE Media
Sponsored by: Stratus

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