Use Emotions to Overcome Marketing’s Challenges: Catch the Feels

Thu, Jun 14, 2018 1:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}


We know emotions drive decisions, so why are emotions so grossly misunderstood and underapplied when it comes to building strong brands and addressing advertising challenges? Whether you’re a brand marketer looking for coveted white space in your industry or a media professional aiming to give the best consult on advertising placement strategies, understanding the application of emotions is critical to success.

Hear from experts at Magid about how to use emotion to methodically improve the efficacy of advertising, programming and branding. You’ll learn about:

  • Emotions and their role in decision-making
  • The key differences between audience similarity and emotional similarity 
  • How to map and contextually align emotions with today’s consumer to achieve core business objectives

Mike Bloxham
SVP, Global Media        
and Entertainment

For over 25 years, Mike has been disrupting, and redefining the ways media and market research are employed to shape our understanding of the world and better inform the decisions companies make. He is also co-chair of Magid’s VR/AR Insights Consortium.

Dr. Aaron Hoffman
VP of Product Innovation

Aaron is founding architect of Magid’s EmotionalDNA product, He recently presented at the Advertising Research Foundation’s CONSUMERxSCIENCE event and has been published in top-tier academic journals, including Journal of Experimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Memory & Cognition.

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