In a rising volatility and rate environment, how are institutional fixed income investors positioning their portfolios?

Wed, Jun 6, 2018 2:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

Research update: The Invesco Fixed Income team recently published a Global Fixed Income Study, a compilation of the views, concerns and predictions of 79 institutional fixed income investors around the world—against the backdrop of a changing macro economy.

Join us for a live webcast as our experts walk through the study findings, providing insights and perspectives on how global managers are positioning their fixed income portfolios for an increasingly volatile future.

The webcast will dig into six key themes shared by research respondents:

  1. The new normalization of fixed income
  2. Low yields — no longer the dominant challenge
  3. Managing the migration of ESG principles into fixed income
  4. Balancing core fixed income versus alternative credit in portfolios
  5. The broad appeal of alternative credit
  6. Internal versus external asset management

Participants in our global study are stewards of nearly $4 trillion in fixed income assets, so their opinions can move markets. Given the shift in investor psychology, join us for expert analysis.


Mario Clemente
Head of Structured Investments
Invesco Fixed Income

Michael D. Hyman
CIO, Global Investment Grade & Emerging Markets
Invesco Fixed Income

Julie Salsbery
Senior Client Portfolio Manager
Invesco Fixed Income


Robert B. Waldner, Jr., CFA
Chief Strategist &
Head of Multi-Sector
Invesco Fixed Income

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