C&J Energy Services: Why We Went the Full-Featured Route for ELD

Many fleets struggle with determining the best approach for ELD: minimize cost while ensuring compliance, or investing in a full-featured system that provides safety and efficiency benefits in addition to compliance.

In this on-demand webinar, Ben Sigmund, Director Operational Logistics at C&J Energy Services, describes the thought process behind the company’s decision to go with a full-featured MiX Telematics ELD system and the features the fleet gained from its investment.

Pete Allen, Chief Client Officer at MiX Telematics (North America), speaks about best practice examples for the implementation of full-featured ELD solutions.

Attendees learn:

  • What factors to consider when deciding between low-end and full-featured systems
  • Why Bring Your Own (BYO) was never a serious consideration for C&J
  • Best practices for implementations, including gaining driver buy-in

Meet Your Presenters

Ben Sigmund
Director - Operational Logistics
C&J Energy Services

Pete Allen
Chief Client Officer
MiX Telematics (North America)

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