Private Labels: Threats, Opportunities and the Bigger Picture


Private label brands are growing again, particularly private label brands that appeal to more affluent customers – the online sweet spot. This leaves national brands with an array of challenges and strategic choices: How do they price relative to private label? How do they differentiate their products from private labels? Should they act as suppliers to retailers that are sliding up the quality scale?

In this presentation, Slice Intelligence principal analyst Ken Cassar will dig into Slice’s panel of 5.6 million U.S. shoppers to look at private label penetration, pricing and buyer demographics across an array of CPG categories. Attendees will walk away with answers to these key questions:
  • At what pricing levels do private label brands begin to eat away at brand market share?
  • Are there particular consumer cohorts that are particularly amenable to, or dismissive of, private labels?
  • Are private labels growing more or less quickly than traditional brands?
  • How should brands think about countering the private label threat?

This webinar is free to all registrants, courtesy of Slice Intelligence.

Ken Cassar
VP, Principal Analyst
Slice Intelligence

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