Alpha Has Runway: Why We Favor Select Equity Opportunities – and Why Now

Wed, Apr 25, 2018 11:01 AM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

Where are we in the business cycle? Opinions diverge on this topic, but regardless of your view, we believe investors should focus on what we expect will be the real driver of markets going forward: earnings growth.

Companies are stepping up their business investment, investing in technology and R&D to gain competitive advantages. The dispersion of valuations is high, creating an environment rife with opportunities to be selective about which betas, and which securities, to embrace.

Through the lens of our Capital Market Line (CML) process, Anik Sen, Global Head of Equities, and Agam Sharma, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager, will examine the key fundamentals that are driving equity markets today. They will also discuss how they are uncovering alpha through both security selection and asset allocation at this point in the current cycle.


Anik Sen
Managing Director,
Global Head of Equities
PineBridge Investments,
New York

Agam Sharma
Managing Director,
Portfolio Manager,
Global Multi-Asset
PineBridge Investments,
New York


Jayme Gray, CFA
Senior Vice President,
Head of Consultant Relations, Americas
PineBridge Investments,
New York

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