Be a Better Storyteller Using AI and Data: Predict the Moments That Matter

Thu, Apr 26, 2018 1:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}


If you could predict your audience’s interests and passions, you’d probably be a more effective brand storyteller. After all, instead of reacting to what consumers say they want, you’d be able to proactively develop the kinds of experiences that would resonate most with their ever-shifting desires. Turns out, there’s technology that can accurately predict the moments that will matter most. 

Find out how AI and predictive analytics can be used to discover what consumers will care most about apply them to create relevant content. Experts from Deloitte Digital, including the founder of predictive audience targeting dataset Blab, will share:

  • How predictive technologies can be used to deliver experiences that intersect with your audience’s passions and behaviors
  • How emotion and context come into play when designing relevant experiences
  • How to apply these principles to audience management, targeting and modeling for dynamic creative delivery

Jocelyn Lee
Head of Media Strategy
and Ad Technology

At Heat, a creative agency powered by Deloitte Digital, Jocelyn creates and develops ad tech solutions and leads media strategy for the world’s largest brands. She is is an experienced media professional skilled in digital strategy, integrated marketing, IoT and global tech across B2B and B2C.

Randy Browning          

Randy is the founder and former CEO of Blab, whose predictive audience targeting dataset can discover and predict what an audience will be reading, watching and searching for up to 72 hours in advance. Blab was acquired by Deloitte in 2017.

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