Calibration: process control meets reliability

Available on Demand Until April 26, 2019

Duration: 60 Minutes

No matter how exotic your control system is, it is only as good as the data you get from your process instrumentation. Still, most power plants have not optimized their calibration processes. Typically, they calibrate too often or not enough, or follow long-established calibration procedures that have not evolved with the changing workforce and technology—any of which can compromise plant safety and reliability.
During this webinar, experts will discuss the importance of calibration to process control and define the critical components to a sound calibration program including traceability, uncertainty, intervals and tolerances. Join this webinar to learn best practices for establishing and managing an efficient calibration program and watch a live demonstration of how to effectively perform and document a calibration in a power plant.

What the viewers will learn: 
  • Criticality of calibration
  • Tolerances
  • Intervals
  • Uncertainty
  • Calibration automation
  • Documenting calibration

Who should attend:

  • Engineers & Technicians
    • Maintenance
    • Reliability
    • Electrical
    • Instrument
    • Process Control
    • I&E (Instrumentation & Electrical)
    • I&C (Instrumentation & Controls)
    • CE (Instrument, Controls, Electrical)

  • Managers
    • Maintenance
    • Reliability
    • Operations
    • Instrumentation
    • Process Control
    • Instrumentation Team Leaders

Hear from these experts:

Ned Espy
Technical Director

Ned Espy, Technical Director at Beamex, possesses more than 27 years of direct field experience in instrumentation measurement applications. He has been concentrating on calibration management at Beamex for more than 20 years.

Espy is a recognized expert in developing best practices for calibration, with a particular focus on temperature, pressure and multi-variable instruments. As a consistent editorial contributor to leading industry publications, Espy has received significant acclaim within the automation industry. Each day, Espy teaches calibration best practices and provides technical support to end users and to the Beamex sales team in North America.

Roy Tomalino
Engineer and Calibration Evangelist

Roy Tomalino, a Beamex Engineer and Calibration Evangelist, possesses more than 16 years of technical training experience. He has served as a trainer, certified developer and technical advisor on four continents to people from more than 40 countries.

Tomalino was a key player at Honeywell at its Fort Collins, Colorado office, where he supported the “DocuMint” Calibration Management Software and numerous calibrators as a trainer, certified developer and technical advisor. He also served as a worldwide trainer at Hewlett Packard. Today, Tomalino acts as a Beamex “evangelist,” supporting customers and the Beamex team in North America.

Chuck Boyd
Business Development Director

Chuck Boyd, Business Development Director for Beamex, has been in software development, system implementation and business development roles for the past 30+ years. He has focused on Business Development and Client Advocacy with Beamex for the most recent 10 years. He manages key global and strategic accounts, market development in various regions of the U.S. and currently is focused on strategic market development within the Power and Energy sector.


Matt Grant
Group Publisher

Matt Grant oversees the Energy & Engineering Group at Access Intelligence leading the revenue, marketing, content, and strategic efforts for the POWER and Chemical Engineering media brands as well as the ELECTRIC POWER Conference & Exhibition, Connected Plant Conference, and Distributed Energy Conference. Matt joined Access Intelligence and POWER in 2006 as an Inside Sales Representative, transitioned to an Outside Territory Sales Representative and later became Sales Manager, Associate Publisher, then Publisher prior to his current role. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Texas A&M University.
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