It’s Time to Master Identity: Cut Through the Noise to Win Over New Customers

Thu, Apr 5, 2018 1:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}


It’s more challenging than ever to reach consumers consistently across devices. Consider this: The average U.S. consumer now has 8.1 digital IDs across 3.6 devices. At the same time, consumers expect relevant, personalized content in every interaction with a brand. The only answer: an identity solution that unifies consumer data.

Find out from experts at Tapad how marketers are using robust device and identity graphs to drive personalization across devices and win over new customers. You’ll learn:

  • How marketers can get a holistic view of consumers
  • How leading brands are leveraging identity solutions to unify customer data
  • What marketers can do to achieve new efficiencies across marketing initiatives

Drew McCalmont       
SVP of Strategic

A key stakeholder for Tapad's product strategy, Drew directly oversees the global platform solutions, professional services and business development teams.

Varun Gudiseva
VP of Commercialization

Varun is responsible for the strategy and commercialization for all of Tapad's analytical products. He joined the company from Xaxis, where he was senior partner, director of account services & analytics.

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