Optimizing Level Control for Maximum Reliability and Efficiency in Combined Cycle and Coal Plants

Recorded Webinar

Duration: 60 Minutes

The operational realities of power generating units today are vastly different than they were year’s ago. Most units were designed for baseload operation, whereas today they’re being cycled to account for an increased renewable portfolio and low natural gas prices.

We’re seeing more equipment failures because of these operating profiles. In year’s past, plants were well staffed, which made it easy to maintain operations. Today, however, staff and expertise are depleted and maintaining plant assets is much more challenging. Having a plan to lead your utility into the future will be more critical than ever to stay up and running. A key component in planning needs to be choosing the right technology for boiler drum and feedwater heater levels.

What the viewers will learn:  
  • Eliminate measurement uncertainty during start-up and shut-down as water evaporates and condenses from wet legs
  • How to provide greater stability during periods where there is significant load fluctuation
  • Eliminate the risk of wet legs freezing and causing an unplanned outage
  • Reducing the frequency of blowdowns
  • What are minimum code requirements? What would be optimal?
  • How does guided wave radar provide more consistent drum level control for combined cycle plants?
  • How does feedwater heater monitoring minimize heat rate in coal-fired plants?

Who should attend:
  • Plant Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Reliability Manager
  • Plant Performance Manager
  • Maintenance Shift Foreman
  • Plant Asset Manager
  • Engineering Manager (at EPC)
  • Systems Engineer (EPC)
  • Procurement Manager (EPC)
  • Instrumentation Specialist (OEM)

Hear from this expert:

Matthew Brummer 
NA Level Manager, Emerson 

Matthew Brummer is the North America Level manager with Emerson, focused on level products and solutions. Matt collaborates with customers to solve challenging problems with level control across a wide variety of industries, including Power


Aaron Larson
Executive Editor


Aaron is an engineer who has worked at nuclear, biomass, and coal power plants, where he gained significant operations, maintenance, safety, financial, and management experience. He has also served in the Navy, earned a BS in nuclear engineering technology from Thomas Edison State College, holds an MBA
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