Optical Fiber Advances and Capabilities

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Since its inception, optical fiber has provided advantages over other data-transmission media types in terms of speed and especially distance. That continues to be true today, as optical networking and fiber-optic physical-layer infrastructure are the only technologies on the roadmap for several future-generation communications systems. This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, takes a detailed look at the advances in optical fiber—and in complete fiber-optic cabling systems—that equip singlemode and multimode fiber to handle today’s and tomorrow’s computing requirements in a number of environments.

Presentation 1: Applications for OM5 Optical Fiber in Enterprise Networks

Multimode fiber is a mainstay in enterprise networks, supporting many of these networks’ high-end communications needs. This presentation will provide an overview of the capabilities of different multimode fiber types, including OM5, and explain the types of applications each can serve. The presentation also will include an update on multimode-fiber-related standards development currently underway.

Presentation 2: Singlemode Fiber Options

From technical and financial standpoints, long-wavelength networking and corresponding singlemode-fiber cabling systems are becoming increasingly viable and popular in large-scale data centers. This presentation will examine the developments that have put singlemode-fiber systems on the radar for more data centers. It will explain how the combination of speed and distance makes singlemode the most-viable option in many cases.

Presentation 3: Optical Capabilities Under Development and on the Horizon

Providing insight from the experience of working in many high-end data centers, this presentation will explore optical-networking technologies that are on the near horizon for data center administrators. By describing the capabilities that soon will be available to data center administrators, this presentation will allow these professionals to make informed mid- and long-term planning decisions.                 


Tony Irujo
Sales and Technical Support Engineer

With 25 years’ experience in fiber optics, Tony Irujo provides technical, sales, and marketing support for OFS and the user community. He is involved in various industry groups, including the Fiber Optic Technical Consortium (FOTC) of the TIA, and volunteering on BICSI committees. Tony is a frequent speaker at industry events and has authored several papers on fiber technology and applications.

David J. Asta
RCDD, Senior Data Center Applications Engineer

David Asta has been working in the ICT industry for 35 years. During that time, Dave has held various positions in Engineering, Product Management, Sales and Marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Dave holds the professional designation of BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and is an active member of the BICSI Standards Committee.

Moderator: Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

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