An Unexpected Tool to Combat Rising Costs, Talent Shortages

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 2:03 PM EST{LOCAL_TZ}

Employers across the country, in almost every industry, are facing rising costs, tighter budgets, and talent shortages. However, some organizations are getting help tackling these formidable challenges from an unexpected source: their retirement plan.

Learn how one organization—UPMC Pinnacle—made strategic changes to align its retirement plan with its broader business goals. Discussion topics will include:

  • Healthcare industry challenges and trends
  • The rationale for retirement plan design changes
  • Financial wellness & education programs
  • Employee outcomes and results achieved

By aligning its retirement plans with its biggest business goals, an organization may be able to save money, improve cash flow, attract top-level talent and enable better financial outcomes for its employees.


Scott Boyd 
Senior Vice President
National Platform Distribution and Relationships Workplace Solutions
Prudential Retirement 

David Hinderstein 
Strategic Retirement Group 

William H. Pugh 
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
UPMC Pinnacle 

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