Rapid Generator De-Gassing: Improving Personnel Safety in Power Plants

Available on Demand Until March 13, 2019

Duration: 60 Minutes

Catastrophic events have reinforced the critical importance of safety and risk mitigation strategies in power plants worldwide. This must-see webinar discusses the challenges that today’s operators face, including the reduction of well-trained plant personnel and planning for emergencies.

Best practices in machine purging and leak detection will also be covered during this intensive 1 hour webinar by noted industry trusted advisor, Steve Kilmartin, as he explains in detail the ‘Intensive Care & Handling’ necessary for maximum safety, risk mitigation and increased efficiency for large turbo-generators.

What you will learn: 
  • Best practices in machine purging and leak detection
  • Safety and risk mitigation for large turbogenerators
  • Safety and SOP considerations for planning for emergencies

Who should attend:
  • Power plant operators
  • Safety personnel
  • Decision makers

Hear from this expert:

Steve Kilmartin
Director of Products and Markets

Steve Kilmartin is director of products and markets for E/One’s Utility Systems business. Considered a leading expert in the field of generator monitoring and maintenance, he has authored numerous papers, including work as principal investigator for the “EPRI-Turbine-Generator Auxiliary Systems, Volume 3: Generator Hydrogen System Maintenance Guide.”

Mr. Kilmartin began his career with E/One in 1988 as an instrument specialist. Prior, he worked in the instrument shop at GE and also as an applications engineer at Mechanical Technology Incorporated in New York. His career has taken him in and around large machines, and around the world, for more than 30 years.


Aaron Larson
Executive Editor 
Aaron is an engineer who has worked at nuclear, biomass, and coal power plants, where he gained significant operations, maintenance, safety, financial, and management experience. He has also served in the Navy, earned a BS in nuclear engineering technology from Thomas Edison State College, holds an MBA in financial management from City University of Seattle, and is credentialed as a Chief “A” Boiler Engineer. Aaron writes news and feature stories on a variety of topics.
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