Technical Webinar Series from the Editors of SAE: Reconfigurable Chips for Automated/Connected and Cyber-Secure Vehicles

Available On Demand until February 22, 2019

Reconfigurable processors (chips) have seen growing use in rapidly changing vehicle infotainment systems and are expanding into advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The role of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other customizable chips is expected to develop further as vehicle autonomy technologies proliferate. Increased influence of artificial intelligence also will make customization more important, as vehicle OEMs use software as a differentiator. Devices that make it simple to alter hardware to match changes in algorithms and software are expected to become more practical.

The experts on this Webinar panel will examine these important trends and then field questions from the audience after their technical presentations.


Michael C. Dudzik, President of IQM Research Institute, and SAE Fellow    

Michael Dudzik is the President of IQM Research Institute, an R&D organization engaged in manufacturing and advanced technologies for aerospace, automotive, and the bio-sciences market sectors. He began his career at Texas Instruments and then joined the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (later Veridian) as Managing Director/Vice President, leading development of advanced technology, technology transition, and prototype creation with multiple industry sectors, including the automotive and aerospace. He served as the Director of Advanced Technology Programs at Georgia Tech Research Institute and was Vice President of Science & Technology at Lockheed Martin. His advisory board service includes: University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Research Institute, and the University of Detroit-Mercy College of Engineering & Sciences. He is a recent Governing Board member for the Flex Tech Alliance and was elected as Fellow of SAE (Aerospace) in 2010. Michael holds three U.S. patents and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He is also a former Air Force Reserve Brigadier General. Michael graduated from the University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and from the Ohio State University with a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering. He received an MBA from the University of Dallas.

Mohamed Bergach, System and Software Architect, Kontron 

Mohamed Bergach is a System and Software Architect at Kontron, an S&T Company, where he participates in the design of a wide range of embedded computing systems for avionics, defense, and transportation applications. Mohamed received a Ph.D. in computer science from INRIA in France. His research subject was parallel signal processing on hybrid processing architectures. He also has a master’s degree in image processing from Telecom SudParis France. 

Lazaar Louis, Senior Director, Product Management and Marketing for Tensilica IP, Cadence 

Lazaar Louis is a Senior Director at Cadence with responsibility for leading product management and marketing for Tensilica IP, including HiFi, Vision, AI, communication, and Fusion DSP products. His team defines and promotes the highly programmable, high-performance, low-power solutions for smartphones, AR/VR headsets, smart home devices, surveillance cameras, automotive, drones, and robots. Before joining Cadence, Lazaar led product management and marketing at NVIDIA for the Tegra product line and business development for mobile phones/tablets, video collaboration, video analytics, and virtual/augmented reality products. Prior to that, he was at a leading marketing and sales consulting firm developing go-to-market strategies and at Motorola leading engineering teams to design and launch several mobile phones. Lazaar received his M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA in marketing and strategy from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Ahmad Nasser, Senior Manager, Automotive Advanced Systems Innovation Department, Automotive System Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corp. 

Ahmad Nasser is a Senior Manager in the Automotive Advanced Systems Innovation Department, Automotive System Business Division at Renesas Electronics Corp. He leads the secure software center of competence and brings over 17 years of automotive experience to this role. Prior to joining Renesas, Ahmad served in various embedded software engineering roles at Bosch North America and Vector CANtech. His areas of experience include flash bootloaders, vehicle diagnostics, embedded network software, secure firmware development, and hardware trust anchors.

Paul Zoratti, Driver Assistance Senior System Architect, Xilinx Automotive Division    

A member of the Xilinx Automotive Team for 11 years, Paul Zoratti is Director of Automotive Solutions and a Senior System Architect. His primary responsibility is the global application of Xilinx technology to automotive driver assistance and automated driving systems. Paul has more than 25 years of experience in developing advanced sensing and processing systems for the automotive environment, including 10 years of remote sensing system development at the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan and more than three years at Ford Motor Company in the Airbag Restraints Electronics Department. Most recently, he spent five years as the Technical Fellow for the Driver Awareness Product Development Team at Visteon Corp. Paul holds master’s degrees in both electrical engineering and business administration from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He also has a specialized graduate certification in Intelligent Transportation Systems, also from the University of Michigan, and was awarded 15 U.S. patents associated with vehicle safety technology.

Moderator: Lisa Arrigo, SAE International    


About Kontron:
Kontron is actively driving the data revolution in the transportation industry. As a global leader in secure IoT-enabled COTS open architecture platforms and high performance embedded computing (HPEC) technology, Kontron’s powerful on-board computers with the latest Intel processors are helping smart city transportation adapt the concepts used in AV cars. Our products address the broadest range of modern, connected rolling stock and in-vehicle applications through easily customizable pre-certified application-oriented computer profiles resulting in accelerated time-to-market, reduced total-cost-of- ownership with the most reliable embedded technology.

Explore the benefits of Kontron’s rugged and proven line of operational transportation computers or call 1-888-294-4558.

About National Instruments:
NI empowers engineers and scientists with a software-centric platform that incorporates modular hardware and an expansive ecosystem. This proven approach puts users firmly in control of defining what they need to accelerate their system design within test, measurement and control. NI’s solution helps build high-performance systems that exceed requirements, quickly adapt to change and ultimately improve the world.

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