How Programmatic Powers People-Based Marketing: Personalization at Scale

Tue, Feb 13, 2018 1:02 PM EST{LOCAL_TZ}


Ad personalization can increase consumer brand awareness, recall and affinity. It also leads to action. A recent BI Intelligence report found that personalization caused consumers to make an unplanned purchase, spend more than planned, and become a repeat customer. To activate this kind of large-scale people-based marketing, you need to recognize one thing: Personalized experiences are powered by programmatic. 

Join Tim Sims, SVP of inventory partnerships at The Trade Desk, for a dive into the tactics for using a programmatic platform to achieve one-to-one resonance with your consumers without losing reach. You’ll find out:

  • Why personalized ad experiences are impacting consumer behavior
  • How to use programmatic for people-based marketing at scale
  • Best practices for building out 1:1 messaging and audience targeting

Tim Sims
SVP of Inventory    
The Trade Desk

Tim leads The Trade Desk’s strategy and vision to create cutting-edge supply-side collaborations. He oversees its publisher management platform, where advertisers can transact with publishers to buy premium inventory through programmatic channels.

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