Navigating the ELD Mandate Grandfather Clause

The first ELD Mandate compliance deadline has come and gone, but many questions remain about the grandfather clause, the 2-year period to convert existing AOBRDs to ELDs. This on-demand webinar covers various scenarios — such as downsizing and acquisitions — to help you decide whether to put ELDs in vehicles or not during the grandfather period. You’ll get tips on how to train drivers and officers to differentiate between AOBRDs and ELDS, learning best practices from leading fleet, Crete Carrier Corporation.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the grandfather clause and what it means when you add or remove vehicles in your fleet
  • Learn how to train drivers for roadside inspections with AOBRDs, preventing false violations
  • Gain a fleet perspective on how to best manage an AOBRD fleet, hearing about a real-life roadmap to train drivers
  • Learn how to communicate the differences between AOBRDs and ELDS

Meet Your Presenters

Kam Roshan
Senior Product Manager
Christopher C. Hilkemann
VP Risk Mgmt & Associate General Counsel
Crete Carrier Corporation / Shaffer Trucking

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