Autonomous Vehicles and Roadway Marking Evaluation Systems

Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 2:00 pm U.S. EST

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It’s well known in the autonomous vehicle industry that poor quality road markings are a hindrance to the development of AVs. This 60-minute Webinar discusses the keys to good quality road markings and gives an overview of the Laserlux AV product, how it can be used for AV development, and how it can be implemented into a roadway maintenance program.


The Laserlux AV instrument provides a fast way to evaluate the performance of road markings, both in the visible and infrared. It’s simple to set up and operate, adapting to almost any vehicle with no custom modifications required. The system attaches to a vehicle via the Squid Mount™ vacuum mounting system and is operated wirelessly from any Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The system evaluates the visibility of road lines and records the data in tabular format. Additionally, the system automatically generates color-coded maps and records high-definition videos of the roadway with data overlay to make it easy to quickly determine areas of poor performance. This quantitative data correlates with both traditional pavement marking evaluations and confidence level systems used by many automotive sensors. Implementation of the Laserlux AV makes it cheaper and easier to maintain good quality road markings, which allows for more prolific and safer AV vehicle operation.

An audience Q&A follows the technical presentation.


Eric Nelson, Product Line Manager, RoadVista Division, Gamma Scientific
Eric Nelson is the Product Line Manager for Gamma Scientific’s RoadVista division, a leader in roadway sign, stripe, and marker visibility testing equipment. Eric has over 20 years of experience in optical design, metrology, and product development. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a degree in physics, and is an active member of the Transportation Research Board committee on Signing and Marking Materials and the ASTM committee on Road and Paving Materials. Additionally, Eric serves as the Task Group Chairman for portable and mobile instrumentation as part of the ASTM committee on Color and Appearance. In his current position, he leads the research and development of new technologies, designing products for roadway evaluation and visibility studies.


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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