Fixed Maturity Portfolios

Live Webcast Date:  Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Live Webcast Time: 4:15pm EST / 1:15pm PST

While investors have historically turned to individual bonds and bond mutual funds for sources of income, fixed maturity portfolios (FMPs) are becoming increasingly popular, in part because of their unique structure which offers some of the benefits of investing in individual bonds while also providing the diversification seen in traditional bond mutual funds.

Join our webinar to hear BlackRock experts dive into this hybrid structure and how you can use it in your portfolio.

Jordie Olivella, Head of Offshore Wealth, will interview Eduardo Mora, Head of Offshore Home Office & Key Accounts about why FMPs make sense for investors who like the income stability of bonds but could also benefit from increased fixed income diversification in their portfolio.

Key topics include:

  • Structure and benefits of FMPs
  • Typical phases of FMPs
  • BlackRock’s newest FMP solution, the BSF USD High Yield Fixed Maturity Bond Fund

Featured Panelists:

Jordie Olivella
Head of Offshore
Wealth Sales

Eduardo Mora
Head of Offshore
Home Office &
Key Accounts

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