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Managers of customer-owned outside-plant campus cabling systems face the responsibilities of ensuring their infrastructures can handle the often-difficult conditions of outdoor cabling, as well as supporting high-data-rate transmission over longer distances than required by in-building cabling. Additionally, the demand for always-on wireless connectivity results in many enterprise networks deploying access points outdoors—presenting additional challenges not considered for indoor wireless systems. This web seminar, hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance, discusses products, technologies, and best practices for ensuring cabling and wireless connectivity across campuses and in other outside-plant environments.

Presentation 1: Protecting Outside Wireless Equipment, Antennas and Related Components
Many schools, municipalities and corporations are moving to a campus-wide Wi-Fi everywhere model. For outdoor installations, access points are typically mounted on top of buildings, on the sides of buildings, or on light poles. For maintenance, code, and aesthetics reasons, mounting on buildings and light poles is becoming less acceptable. Wi-Fi bollards present ideal solutions for the wireless designer, outside plant manager, and architect. A Wi-Fi bollard is a standalone facility which contains the access point, antennas, cabling, and associated powering and switching equipment. The bollard is designed to be installed precisely where the wireless coverage is required, is acceptable from an aesthetics standpoint, protects and secures the equipment, and is transparent to the wireless signal. In this presentation, attendees will learn about outdoor Wi-Fi installation options, aesthetics requirements, and cabling to and powering outdoor, Wi-Fi equipment.

Presentation 2: Cables spanning campus networks

Multiple factors come into play when selecting the type of fiber-optic cable to span buildings across a campus. In addition to the choice between singlemode and multimode, users also must consider cable construction, pathway options (e.g. conventional, air-blown fiber), and installation effort. This presentation provides an overview of these options and points out the essential considerations that must be made before a campus cable system is installed.

Presentation 3: Products and Procedures for Successful Fusion Splicing
A popular option for in-the-field fiber-optic termination is to fusion splice one fiber to another. Fusion splices result in virtually loss-less connections between fibers, but they require certain steps and equipment to achieve such performance. This presentation takes a how-to approach to fusion splicing, describing what technicians must do, with what equipment, to successfully splice optical fibers.


Bree Murphy
Oberon Wireless

Bree is an RCDD with more than 25 years managing, training, and selling in the technology industry. Bree has focused on the end-user enterprise markets such as Healthcare, Higher Ed, K-12, Hospitality, Retail as well as Government and works closely with the ACE (architects, consultants, engineers) community writing specification and solutions for the customer. In addition, Bree provides strategic planning for contractors, integrators, and distributor business partners.

Jay Sell
Product Manager – 4th Level Data Center Solutions
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave 

Jay Sell oversees Sumitomo Electric Lightwave’s data center and enterprise network solutions. Considered an expert in the layer one infrastructure, Jay has spearheaded many projects considered as game changers for the ICT industry including the flexible MPO connector, splice cassettes and ultra-high fiber count termination solutions.

Joshua Seawell
Director of Product Management
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave

With over 20 years of industry experience, Joshua Seawell oversees the continued product development and distribution of Sumitomo’s broad portfolio of optical fiber and connectivity solutions for North America and the CALA regions.  Meeting the needs of the customer through the continuous innovation of new and better solutions, Joshua has led the launch and success of many Sumitomo Electric Industry preferred solutions including the Quantum series fusion splicers and Lynx2 CustomFit® Splice-On Connectors.

Moderator: Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

*The granting of 1 Continuing Education Credit for this webcast by BICSI does not imply or suggest that BICSI approves or endorses this event.
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