Turning Data into Action: The 3 Levels of Telematics

Do you address individual challenges as they come up on the fly? Or do you have a strategic vision to solve the challenges facing your fleet operation?

Having a simple, tactical approach to solving your fleet’s everyday problems may help get you through a crisis, but it is a reactive approach and won’t allow for long-term solutions. Having a strategic vision, on the other hand, gives fleets the ability to use its tools, including GPS tracking systems— to get to the root causes of its myriad business challenges, such as accountability, safety, and productivity—and solve them before they impact fleet operations and the company as a whole. Whether you are thinking about buying a GPS tracking system or already have one, a strategic mindset and understanding of your business challenges will allow you to get the full benefit of this increasingly ubiquitous fleet technology.  

Join us to hear Jason Walker and Tyler Mortensen discuss the difference between a tactical and strategic approach to telematics, and why looking GPS tracking technology through a strategic lens will provide the highest probability of overcoming your business challenges!

What this webinar will cover:
  1. How to turn GPS data into a strategic asset
  2. Why a strategic and not a tactical approach to telematics will provide more of a return
  3. Strategic success stories of how fleets are leveraging GPS data to overcome business challenges and improve the bottom line

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