Digitally Transforming B2B Advertising: Precision Data Options at Scale

Tue, Dec 12, 2017 1:02 PM EST{LOCAL_TZ}


When it comes to digital transformation, B2B marketers have traditionally lagged behind their consumer colleagues because many of the tactics and tools they need to reach buyers online have simply not been available, or require a scale better suited to consumer marketing. So how can B2B brands better leverage data and analytics? There are new approaches you need to be aware of. 

Hear from the CEOs of B2B data platform Radius and data onboarder LiveRamp about how B2B marketers can activate the digital world at consumer scale. They’ll explain:

  • How B2B brands can double their reach using a new approach to data activation
  • Best practices for targeting specific individuals within B2B target markets
  • Ways to convert buyers faster via orchestrated omnichannel campaigns

Anneka Gupta     

Anneka leads the product, engineering, marketing and general/administrative functions at LiveRamp, Acxiom's connectivity division. An early member of the LiveRamp team, she most recently was chief product officer.

Darian Shirazi     

Darian founded and sets the strategic direction of B2B marketing platform Radius, which has raised more than $90 million to date. He also has been an early angel investor in many successful technology companies including Palantir, Lending Club, Lyft, Udemy and Instacart.

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