Snapchat for Lead Generation: The Secret to Mobile-First Success

Thu, Nov 30, 2017 1:02 PM EST{LOCAL_TZ}


You know Snapchat has an extremely engaged, vibrant and loyal audience. But you’re probably not thinking about Snapchat as an enormously effective tool for capturing leads, conversion and audience analysis. You should. Forward-thinking brands are turning to Snap to build mobile-first experiences that capture leads at a 90 percent higher rate than other social networks. 

Find out how it’s done directly from Snapchat and Jebbit, Snapchat’s first lead generation creative partner. They’ll share insights and best practices, including:

  • The value of Snapchat’s audience for brands
  • How to create mobile experiences to capture declared data directly from consumers
  • How to activate that data directly on Snapchat for personalization and retargeting

Dan Grossman
Product Strategist  
Snap, Inc.

Dan oversees the creative and audience partner programs at Snapchat, helping advertisers produce more impactful ads for whatever their objectives may be. He previously worked at VaynerMedia.

Ben Cockerell
VP of Marketing    

Ben leads a team focused on helping brands decipher and unlock the marketing potential of mobile experiences powered by first-party data. Prior to joining Jebbit, he was the director of global marketing at Crimson Hexagon.

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