5 Ways To Ease Travel Payment Reconciliation 

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Matching travel and meeting payment charges to transactions continues to be a time-consuming, costly and frustrating process for some travel, meeting and expense professionals. Learn how a leading travel manager, travel management company and payment provider are using technology, processes and creative thinking to end the matching games in this free 60-minute BTN Group webinar, sponsored by CSI globalVCard.

What steps should companies take to ease monthly reconciliation challenges? How should companies integrate single-use virtual payments into bookings to link a trip to a payment? What do you need to know about APIs to rely more on automation and less on manual matching that can waste hours of productivity each month? What are the pros, cons and options of outsourcing reconciliation? Register today and remember to log in to the live event to ask your own questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Policies and practices to follow
  • How you should pay for infrequent travelers or non-employees
  • Technology integration for automated reconciliation

About the Speakers

Al Mazzola is Director Global Finance, Travel Services, Sykes. He has more than 40 years in the travel industry. He opened a travel agency in New York in 1977, which he sold in 1988 when he went to work for Eastern Airlines as an account manager. Since 1992, has managed travel at Sykes, earning accolades for his principled, thorough and direct approach to managing the category.

Craig Fichtelberg began a career in travel in the early 1990s as he and Jeff Klee founded 1-800-CheapAir and built a network of nationwide call centers. The offline business transitioned to CheapAir.com in the early 2000s. In 2005, the pair launched AmTrav to simplify business travel. His unwavering focus has been on disrupting the status quo with products and services customized to the needs of the evolving traveler. 

Juliann Pless is a Senior Vice Presdent at CSI Enterprises Inc., where she oversees the sales and operations of the company’s globalVCard Travel solution, including  strategic partnerships and customer engagement. She joined CSI in 2010. Pless began her career as a purchasing agent at Parker Hannifin. She currently serves as chair of GBTA’s Payment Solutions Committee.      

Mary Ann McNulty is Director of The BTN Group’s Content Solutions, which produces webinars, white papers, research and custom content. She has covered business travel and meetings for more than 25 years. Her work has appeared in Business Travel News, Travel Procurement, The Beat, Corporate Travel and Meeting News, as well as on conference stages and webinars.

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Al Mazzola
Director, Global Finance, Travel Services,

Craig Fichtelberg
President and Co-Founder,

Juliann Pless
Senior Vice President,
globalVCard Travel Solutions,

CSI Enterprises

Mary Ann McNulty,

Director, Content Solutions,
The BTN Group

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