Why Outdated Firmware Processes are Costing Your Business

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Upgrading firmware on gateways is time consuming and can introduce unexpected issues to customer services, however new firmware images are released on a weekly basis to add new functionality, patch security holes, increase stability, and improve broadband performance. How does your engineering and operations team determine if firmware updates are worth the hassle and risk of deployment?

Join Incognito firmware solution experts in the upcoming webinar "Why Outdated Firmware Processes are Costing Your Business." Tune in for a 45-minute discussion on the business drivers associated with deploying firmware updates, impacts and costs to engineering and ops teams, customer service risks, and automated solution benefits and best practices.  

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Gareth Barnes
Product Manager

Gareth has worked to create IP management and DDI software solutions for over 10 years. As Product Manager at Incognito, Gareth leads a team that develops and deploys network management software for telecom companies across the globe. Gareth takes pride in identifying and understanding the unique challenges that his customers face. He works closely with stakeholders to build tailored, future-proof solutions that resolve issues and optimize operational processes.

Pete Koat
Chief Technology Officer

A dynamic leader with extensive knowledge of key industry trends, Pete brings over 15 years experience in executive management, project management, software development and architecture, embedded devices, network protocols, system integration, and hardware design.

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