Safety and Quality: How to Ensure Your Refinished Wheels Keep Your Fleet Moving Forward

Your wheels endure a significant amount of environmental damage during their lifetime, and sourcing a wheel refinishing service is one way to extend the life of your wheels. When considering having your wheels refinished, the most important factor to contemplate is how safe the final product will be. The wheel must meet a number of technical safety specifications, and OSHA requires the wheel be refinished in an environment that meets equally as strict requirements.

View our on-demand webinar for these key takeaways to identify a superior refinished wheel:
  • How to identify an out-of-service wheel prior to sending it for refinishing
  • Quality of powder coating used in the refinishing process
  • Properly applied coating to ensure safe wheels post-refinishing
  • Wheel refinishing environment of your tire dealer
Nate Hoover, global senior product manager and new ventures leader at IMI, discusses what you should understand about your refinished wheels and what to look for in the finished product. Because the ultimate consideration of a wheel should be both an attractive and a safe wheel.

Nate Hoover
Global Senior Product Management & 

New Ventures Leader
IMI Products

Nate Hoover is a global senior product management and new ventures leader at IMI, the industry leader in wheel refinishing expertise and total wheel-end solutions. He focuses primarily on acquiring new business ventures and managing global product portfolios in the commercial trucking industry. Strategic planning, market assessment, and product innovation are just three of many areas of expertise that Nate possesses. He provides insight from his nine years in the transportation market, involving both an automotive and commercial background.

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