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Wed, Oct 25, 2017 7:00 AM CDT{LOCAL_TZ}

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Webcast Description:

Are you contemplating installing IoT wireless technology? If yes, you will know you need to test the system. Here, you will learn what the challenges and issues are with testing and what you need to consider when offering IoT lighting to clients.

Topics discussed:
  • Find out what is considered when it comes to testing for the IoT and the issues that can arise 
  • Understand considerations when offering IoT to clients 
  • Is the correct data being sent to the right person, place or device? 
  • Are the lights working correctly with the technology in place? 
  • Is the the atmosphere or environment causing connectivity issues?   

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Simon Coombes
Chief Technology Officer

Simon Coombes co-founded Gooee alongside Johnson and serves as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As CTO, Coombes is responsible for the architecture and design of the Gooee operating platform while leading engineering teams across the U.S. and London.  Before joining Gooee, Coombes worked at Aurora Lighting as Group Technology Director and led the business systems, IT and technology teams, overseeing multiple enterprise-scale projects. Prior to Aurora, Coombes was a software engineer and consultant serving the financial, military, publishing and distribution sectors.
Coombes’ passion for technology has allowed him to excel across a wide range of development, software engineering and prototyping principles – knowledge that he brings to the Gooee team every day. He is familiar with a variety of development frameworks and languages and has a solid understanding of web and mobile architecture, cloud infrastructure and interoperability. Coombes graduated from the University of Brighton with a bachelors degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering, and is an experienced traveler having worked in all major continents during his career.

Moderator: John Bullock
Applications Editor

John qualified as an electrical engineer and illuminating engineer in 1975 and worked for a lighting manufacturer before taking up his career as an independent lighting designer in 1984. He founded Equation Lighting Design in 1986, working on all types of commercial architecture as well as heritage and leisure projects.

In 1998 John left ELD and moved to Dorset and established John Bullock Lighting Design and carved out a new reputation working on residential projects, mainly in the South West.

He has written for the lighting press for many years and plays an active role in producing lighting commentary on his own website and in social media.
Beyond lighting design John has also championed the need for a more sustainable approach to lighting design and manufacture and continues to speak on the topic at industry forums.

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