Stop Guessing: Using Plan Participant Data to Help Select a QDIA

Wed, Oct 25, 2017 2:00 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

Starting in 2008, the Department of Labor provided plan sponsors with some level of cover when selecting a QDIA, or qualified default investment alternative, from three anointed types of qualified investment options: 1) target-risk or balanced funds, 2) target-date funds, or 3) retirement managed accounts. To receive this cover, plan sponsors must follow a prudent QDIA selection process. When selecting a target-risk fund there is an obligation to consider plan demographics, that may carry over to selecting other QDIAs. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of clear guidance on practical methods for incorporating plan demographics into the selection of the a QDIA.

Join Morningstar Investment Management LLC’s Chief Investment Officer, Thomas Idzorek, CFA, as he addresses the following:

  • What data plan fiduciaries are required to consider when selecting a QDIA
  • How recent technological advances make it possible for plan fiduciaries to consider plan demographics when selecting a QDIA
  • How that same data can be used to help choose an appropriate target-date fund glidepath
  • How the recent development of “dynamic default” solutions may factor into the QDIA decision


Thomas Idzorek, CFA
Chief Investment Officer, Retirement
Morningstar Investment Management LLC

Daniel Bruns

Head of Large DC Plan Strategy and Solutions
Morningstar Investment Management LLC

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