Biocides in Listeria Control: Positive Regulation & Best Practice

Mon, Dec 4, 2017 1:00 PM GMT

Free webinar as part of the Food & Food Safety Webinar Series 2017 - 2018 

Chair: Professor Lisa Ackerley, Food Safety Adviser, British Hospitality Association and Acoura Consulting, Visiting Professor University of Salford

Speaker: Kaarin Goodburn MBE, Director, Chilled Food Associates

EU reviews of the use of biocides impact on the availability and usability of effective disinfectants and sanitisers vital to assure food hygiene throughout the food chain.  The European Commission is reviewing regulation of the traces of biocides in foodstuffs and exploring the setting of MRLs although the presence of a trace of biocide does not necessarily indicate that there is risk to human health. Methods of assessing efficacy of biocidal actives are changing in the EU, which will impact on the apparent efficacy of biocides on the market. 

This presentation will explore the balance between protecting consumers by using biocides responsibly to assure food hygiene and safety whilst minimising traces in foodstuffs, and regulatory considerations, with emphasis on Listeria and its control.

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