Mastering Compliant Sales Performance: A Playbook for Growth and Success

Tue, Nov 7, 2017 1:02 PM CST{LOCAL_TZ}

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Mastering Compliant Sales Performance: A Playbook for Growth and Success

Content by Ignite Sales

Tue, Nov 7, 2017 1:02 PM CST

Take the guess work out of compliant customer engagement, and learn the strategies that will put you in the sales compliance driver’s seat yet allow you to achieve greater growth and loyalty.

With increasing regulatory scrutiny, bankers are challenged more than ever to implement branch and digital sales processes that provide consistent and compliant customer engagement, interaction and fulfillment. This session will describe four distinct proven strategies that can be easily implemented to create consistent, compliant, and measurable sales performance. Topics include: identifying non-compliant customer interactions, increasing qualified application rates, improving cross sell performance, eliminating bias, and increasing customer retention. A playbook for success will be provided. 

In the webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for identifying and monitoring non-compliant customer interactions
  • How to provide expert level service recommendations that fit the needs of the customer with every conversation whether business or consumer
  • Increasing qualified applications and cross sales
  • How to empower your bankers to meet and exceed customer needs
  • Why training for compliant sales activity can often fall short and how to fix it
  • How affordable digital technology improves the effectiveness of all branch bankers as well as online self-service, and call center sales performance

Special Offer: Attendees will receive a playbook about the strategies needed to win in the new regulatory compliance-driven customer world…and win!

Featured Speaker:


George Noga
Ignite Sales

Julie Hamrick,
Chief Analyst, COO
Ignite Sales

Thom Suhy
Customer Engagement Director
Ignite Sales




Ignite Sales provides community banks with technology to affordably facilitate highly differentiated customer facing engagement in branches and on-line. With Ignite, banks can now be assured of consistent, compliant and effective conversations with prospects and customers through the use of cutting edge, dynamic digital conversation guides. Ignite’s patented software as service digitizes manual sales processes in the branches and provides for a highly engaging digital customer experience on-line, leading to increases in customer satisfaction and revenues.

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