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10th October, 2017 - 13:30 UK time


Jana Rueten, Deputy Director of Operations, M3 Global Research, LCD Member

Chetan Taylor, LCD Member

Webinar Outline:


This webinar aims to provide an outline of a project lifecycle and its various stakeholders, as well as highlight educational materials already available through EphMRA at the different key points within the lifecycle. This lifecycle will be the starting point of a series of webinars focussing on deep dives into various items within the lifecycle over the coming year.

Target Group:

The target group for this webinar are new starters (less than 1 year experience) within market research in any member company (pharma, agency, consultancy or fieldwork company) to learn about the lifecycle in its entirety and involvement of different parties, who may then continue to attend subsequent deep dives into various topic areas.
Additionally involvement is recommended for those who train new starters.


The Learning and Development Committee and would like to welcome new starters to the industry and would like to support individuals in their growth with this webinar that also highlights the educational materials already available through EphMRA.
We will be talking about Product XYZ, a fictional drug that is going to be launched as a new Kidney Cancer therapy and the market research projects the client is likely to commission through part of its lifecycle.

Attendees will have an overview of stakeholder involvement throughout a project which will aid understanding and planning. They will also have a broader understanding of what support is already available through the LDC and what MR starters can expect from their offerings over the next year

It is a free to members event.
You can attend if you are from an EphMRA member company or an invited guest.

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