Why Fleets Should Be Looking Beyond ELD

With the ELD Mandate deadline looming, fleets are understandably focused on ensuring they are compliant. But many fleets plan to minimally comply – investing as little as possible in ELD technology. For those fleets, ELDs will always be a cost center. By contrast, for fleets taking a long-term view, ELDs can be a profit center.

In this event, John Seidl, Transportation Consultant at Integrated Risk Solutions - a nationally known DOT/FMCSA expert - and 25-year telematics veteran Pete Allen, Executive Vice President at MiX Telematics, will describe how fleets can leverage ELDs for strategic advantage, including:

  • Improved safety

  • Improved efficiency

  • Improved compliance

Attendees will learn how fleets taking this approach have been able to reduce their overall costs by $50-100 per vehicle, per month, even after accounting for the cost of their ELD solutions.

Meet Your Presenters

John Seidl
Transportation Consultant
Integrated Risk Solutions

Pete Allen
Executive Vice President Sales
MiX Telematics (North America)

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