New Research into Solving Simulation Bottlenecks

Audio White Paper

Available On Demand until August 25, 2018

Research is under way to increase the performance of the LS-DYNA finite element program, which is used in automotive, aerospace, construction, military, manufacturing, and bio-engineering applications to simulate complex real-world problems. Most important is the research into its multifrontal linear solver. This 10-minute audio-visual presentation examines: leveraging new microprocessor architectures and emerging solid-state disks; improving the performance of factorization on large-scale distributed memory systems; and looking into distributed reordering and block low-rank approximation to enable LS-DYNA to handle even larger implicit models. Viewers will be able to submit questions and download a new white paper on important advancements affecting LS-DYNA.



Lisa Arrigo, Tech Briefs Media Group

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  • Explicit structural analysis (e.g. LS-DYNA explicit)
  • Implicit structural analysis (e.g. LS-DYNA implicit)
  • Other CAE application field (e.g. CFD or electromagnetics)