Customer Data Is Your Best Loyalty Tool: How Dr. Martens and Wildfang Create Cult-Like Followings

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In the digital era, brands have a choice: use their data to treat people like targets and clicks, or use data to treat people like individuals. Customer-obsessed retailers Dr. Martens and Wildfang choose the latter, using data in innovative ways to maintain their cult-like followings and build long-term customer relationships. 

Find out how these two edgy brands use a customer data platform to run more relevant and efficient marketing campaigns that grow the business and create customer relationships for life. You’ll hear about:

  • How these companies use data to fuel consumer passion via personalization that also boosts conversions
  • How they use behavior-based segmentation to enhance customer experience
  • Best practices for using a customer data platform

Kyle Duford
Global VP, Digital      
Dr. Martens

Kyle focuses on growing Dr. Martens’ emerging markets through innovation and tried-and-true digital best practice. He also ran the company’s U.S. ecommerce.

Emma Mcilroy        

Emma co-founded and runs Wildfang, the home for tomboys that brings a fresh, exciting and truly badass retail experience to young women all over the U.S.

Julia Farina
Director of Marketing

Julia helps fellow marketers across industries execute personalized, data-driven marketing programs. Before Lytics, she was the head of product marketing for the mobile-marketing division of HP Enterprise.

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