Raise Your Onboarding Expectations: Best Practices to Maximize Your Data’s Value

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Onboarding is an essential first step in bringing a company’s valuable first-party data online, but it doesn’t work in a vacuum. Onboarding must be objective-led, use authoritative data sources, and connect online, offline and a full device graph. You’ll need to know the difference between match rates and accuracy, and how accurate reach drives business results. 

Join guest speaker Joe Stanhope, Forrester VP and principal analyst, and Julie Fleischer, VP of marketing solutions for Neustar, to learn why you need to raise your expectations of onboarding if you want to maximize value of your data. You’ll find out:

  • The tradeoff between tonnage and accurate reach
  • What should happen after onboarding to maximize the value of your data
  • How to make onboarding work harder with end-to-end identity

Joe Stanhope
VP, Principal Analyst

Serving B2C professionals, Joe is a leading expert on the intersection of marketing and technology. His  research focuses on exploring strategies for leveraging technology to deliver relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Julie Fleischer
VP Marketing Solutions

Julie is responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy, positioning, messaging and execution for Neustar’s Marketing Solutions portfolio. She previously was managing director of OMD, where she led the CPG and retail verticals.

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