Cost-Effective Additive Manufactured Tooling for Composites

On-Demand Available until November 2, 2018

In this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how Dan Campbell and Aurora Flight Science are using additive manufacturing for composite tooling. Dan will also share how an Air Force research laboratory-sponsored program evaluated manufactured tools for the fabrication of carbon fiber composite parts and how the tool was designed, built, evaluated, and even touch on reparability.


Dan Campbell, Research Group Lead, Aurora Flight Sciences

Dan Campbell holds the position as a Research Group Lead at Aurora Flight Sciences in Cambridge, MA. His primary role is as lead investigator and program manager for programs related to digital manufacturing and affordable, attritable aircraft. Recently he led an Air Force Research Laboratory sponsored program investigating additive manufacturing for the fabrication of composite tooling. Efforts related to this program included designing, building, and evaluating an FDM tool used for fabrication of autoclave composites. Beyond this role, Campbell has broad experience designing conceptual aircraft and analyzing composite structures and mechanical systems.

Tim Schniepp, Business Development Director – Composite Tooling, Stratasys 

Tim leads the composite tooling program for the Vertical Solutions Business Unit within Stratasys. Prior to joining Stratasys in 2014, Tim was a materials and process engineering leader at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, GE Aviation, and Lockheed Martin. He has significant hands-on experience in composites fabrication and specifically with FDM for production of composite tooling.

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