How Open Software Connects in the Connected Vehicle Environment

Wireless technology is not only transforming our day-to-day lives from the palm of our hands, but also the world around us as a key component of connected vehicle technologies that can be used to optimize traffic patterns, improve pedestrian and traffic safety, and continue to help evolve the usage of autonomous vehicles.

Open-source software is a key component in allowing a variety of solutions to work together seamlessly, often wirelessly. The integration has resulted in successful pilot programs that include Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Vehicle-to-Vehicle solutions on various applications in a variety of city environments and will be a key component in Columbus, Ohio where a “Smart City” is currently being implemented.

This webinar will discuss how an open platform software works and can contribute to the evolution of connected vehicle programs, including enabling connected vehicles to talk to traffic management systems, dynamic message signs, traffic signal controllers, and other ITS devices, as well as support connected vehicles in both roadside and in-vehicle environments. 

Jeffrey Arch
Connected Vehicle Program Manager

Jeffrey Arch brings more than 33 years of experience to Battelle in connected vehicle (CV), intelligent transportation systems and transportation operations. As Battelle’s CV program manager, Jeff has responsibilities in Battelle’s strategic planning in the public and private sector transportation markets. Prior to Battelle, Jeff developed the NYC CV Pilot Deployment Project proposal and managed the consultant team for the first six months of phase 1. Jeff is a 1984 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and holds a Masters in Transportation engineering degree from Villanova University.

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