5 Steps for Scaling Data, Analytics & Insights: Move Beyond Countless Reports and Dashboards

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Congratulations. You’re ready to put data at the center of your client-focused strategy by taking a comprehensive approach to media performance data and analytics. It’s time to move beyond the countless reports and dashboards that don’t add up and take too much time to create and make sense of. 

Now comes the hard part: What are the steps to scaling your data across all clients to drive performance, build stronger relationships and set up bigger opportunities? Hear from DWA and Datorama about how to do this in just 5 steps. You’ll learn:

  • How to connect and visualize first-and third-party data in a streamlined manner. 
  • What goes into building a scalable KPI framework and measurement infrastructure
  • Real-world examples of organizations that have succeeded in scaling data, analytics and insights

Mollie Parker
Director of Analytics

Mollie leads the charge in moving DWA to a cloud-based data visualization platform in an effort to provide clients more real-time, automated reporting. She also spearheads measurement processes that allow for easy flow of data from publishers to clients’ first-party systems.

Nuno Guerreiro    
Head of Global
Agency Strategy

Nuno leads the global advertising agency practice at Datorama, enabling agency partners to integrate and empower their data initiatives worldwide. Previously, he served in leadership roles at Google and Doubleclick.

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