Maximize Mobile Conversions: How Under Armour and American Apparel Turn Users Into Customers

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Mobile commerce is growing 37 percent faster than traditional commerce, and the top 500 merchants report that 42 percent of all mobile sales come from mobile apps. If your company isn’t delivering a mobile experience that converts, you’re leaving money on the table and pushing consumers to mobile-optimized competitors.

Find out strategies to convert your mobile users into paying customers from Under Armour, American Apparel and TUNE. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for increasing conversions through your app or mobile site
  • Tactics to create a personalized customer experience
  • Which analytics can be used to improve conversion rates
  • Ways to create seamless consumer experience across channels and platforms

Sid Jatia
VP of Omnichannel Digital
Under Armour

At Under Armour, Sid’s team is focused on digital commerce growth with emphasis on connected fitness monetization, integrated retail, and cultivating new business models.
Thoryn Stephens        
Chief Digital Officer
American Apparel

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Jennifer Wong       
VP of Marketing

Jennifer’s primary focus is to develop clear strategy, brilliant marketers and customer success. As a marketer for marketers, she fully understands the challenges that marketers face every day.

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