Build a Data-Centric Organization: Preparing for the Next Generation of Audience Marketing

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The volume of audience data has grown exponentially over the past few years, but the organizations that use it haven’t evolved nearly as much. Many marketers and media providers remain saddled with infrastructure, technology and processes that hinder their ability to capitalize on big data and its potential.

Jonathan Marguiles of consulting firm Winterberry Group will share the results of its research on building a data-centric organization, done in conjunction with the IAB Center of Excellence and the DMA. In addition, Nielsen Marketing Cloud will share:

  • The tactics brand and agency executives are using to bring data-driven marketing strategies to life.
  • The challenges marketers face in making this happen.
  • The technologies that form the foundation of a successful data-driven organization.

Jonathan Margulies
Managing Director
Winterberry Group

With an extensive background in strategic communications and executive-level advocacy, Jonathan leads the development of Winterberry Group’s research and thought leadership initiatives.
    James McNamara
    Nielsen Marketing Cloud

James is responsible for driving global client adoption of the Nielsen Marketing Cloud across marketers, agencies, platforms and publishers. He joined Nielsen through the acquisition of eXelate, where he commercialized its DMP and Analytics offerings.

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