How to Ruthlessly Pursue ROI with a DMP: A Framework for Data-Driven Marketing

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A data management platform (DMP) is the foundation of your data-driven marketing strategy. It unifies your data and ensures your brand is able to take full advantage of today’s programmatic environment. But how do you know the investment is actually delivering value to your business?

Join programmatic consultant Labmatik and DMP provider Turn for best practices on how to leverage a DMP to drive cost savings and more effective marketing. They’ll provide a framework you can use to prove the value of your platform. You’ll find out:

  • How to measure the value of a DMP
  • Steps to accelerate into more sophisticated data-driven marketing
  • Real-world examples of how companies have used their DMP to drive a bottom-line return

Tom Triscari
Managing Partner

Tom is a leading voice in the in-house programmatic movement, consulting with organizations on programmatic resource planning, a process that reduces programmatic cost and complexity.
Nayef Hijazi
Director of Product

Nayef focuses on executing DMP go-to-market strategies and launching new data products. He previously worked at nPario, Standalone DMP and ligaData.

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