Retain Your Customers on Pinterest: Growth Tips from Target

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Customer retention remains one of the biggest challenges for retailers, especially in this era where consumers have more options of where to spend their money than ever before. The key to solving this issue may be the smart use of data. Retail giant Target has been using data for Pinterest campaign experiences to improve its targeting, creative and measurement across channels to build stronger customer relationships and grow its sales.

Hear directly from Target and Pinterest about best practices for using data to drive retail customer retention. They’ll share: 

  • Why customer retention is more important than ever
  • How retailers can use Pinterest’s unique data-driven retention solutions
  • How Target is successfully leveraging its customer data to tailor offers for acquisition vs. retention

Merete Wells
Director, Social Platforms

Merete is responsible for developing best-in-class partnerships with some of the industry’s biggest digital media companies, including Pinterest. She also drives innovation in media through agile product development and testing.

Amy Vener
Retail Vertical Strategist

Amy leads Pinterest's retail vertical strategy, focused on helping retailer partners understand how to best use the Pinterest platform to achieve a competitive advantage within their industry.

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