On The Road To Financial Wellness, Lifetime Income Is Key

Wed, Jun 21, 2017 2:02 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

It’s no secret that a financially secure workforce pays dividends in the form of productivity, loyalty and workforce management efficiencies. Perhaps that’s why, more than ever before, employers are focused on helping their employees achieve financial wellness.

A foundational element of financial wellness is a retirement plan designed to help employees optimize their retirement income and retire on time. Auto-enrollment and auto escalation features have become accepted plan design best practices, but automatic features alone are still missing a key component to improving employees’ retirement outcomes – guaranteed lifetime income.

Join Prudential’s Doug McIntosh and Mike Domingos for a discussion of guaranteed lifetime income and financial wellness, including:

  • The benefits of guaranteed lifetime income for both participants and plan sponsors
  • An overview of the guaranteed lifetime income solutions in the market today
  • The latest regulatory guidance on guaranteed lifetime income annuities
  • Why concerns over perceived complexity may be unfounded

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Douglas S. McIntosh, Jr.
Vice President, Full Service Investments
Prudential Retirement

Michael Domingos
Vice President,
Corporate Distribution and Strategy
Prudential Retirement

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