4 ELD Myths and What You Should Know About Bundled Solutions

With any new, complicated set of regulations there can be plenty of confusion. In the case of how fleets need to implement electronic logging devices (ELDs) to be in compliance with the ELD mandate, myths abound — and need dispelling:
  • Myth #1: Every ELD Vendor Who Is Certified Is Really Certified
  • Myth #2: Device Registration = Verification
  • Myth #3: If I Purchase a Non-Compliant Device from a Provider, They Will Replace it — No Sweat!
  • Myth #4: I’ll Wait ‘Til November to Find A Solution. I Have Plenty of Time — and How Hard Can it Be?
Adding to the complication is considering the option of a bundled ELD/GPS tracking solution. But bundling has a number of advantages, among them the ability to have all driver and vehicle data provided in a single platform, giving added transparency to the fleet manager and drivers.

Join us for this webinar and learn how a bundled solution can help you seamlessly comply with the regulations, and give you a deeper insight into your fleet operations in a single, integrated data stream — improving operations, reporting, and the bottom line.

Kelly Frey
VP, Product Marketing
Verizon Telematics

Kelly Frey has more than 20 years’ experience as a senior executive and entrepreneur focused on transportation and fleet compliance solutions. Currently vice president of product marketing at Verizon Telematics, Frey previously was CEO and co-founder of BigRoad. He also has held executive positions with Turnpike Global Technologies, Descartes Systems Group and CN Rail. Frey has a passion for technology that improves mobile workforce safety, information empowerment and productivity.

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