Is Synchronization in 5G Challenging?

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With the 5G deployment on the horizon, several key technologies need to be in place including, synchronization. Synchronization is a key technology for the correct operation of the telecommunication network. As 5G networks inch closer, there is a need for very accurate distribution of phase and time synchronization.

In this Engineering Live, we will discuss:

  • The trends in the wireless networks,

  • Synchronization for 5G networks,

  • Support synchronization in the 5G radio access,

  • The services driving tight synchronization, and

  • Standards bodies working on synchronization requirements for 5G.

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Silvana Rodrigues
Director of System Engineering
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)


Michael Rupert
Director of Product Marketing, Timing
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)



Janine Mooney

Editorial Content Director
Design Engineering Group

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